This photo gallery of Andrija Ilic (of Serbia) contains photo-documentary work about some of the conflicts in the former Yugoslavia: Kosovo 1998-99, NATO air strikes against Serbia and Yugoslavia, the fall of Slobodan Milosevic's dictatorship, as well as the Middle East conflict between Israel and Palestine. There are other social and documentary topics on this web site as well: Traditional whale killing in the Faroe Islands, African-American community in South-Central Los Angeles, "Ethno spirit" (ethno roots) of Serbia (abandoned castles, natural phenomena, medieval monasteries, authentic rural people and places), the challenges of the Roma (Gipsy) minority in Serbia, return of Serbian refugees to their ruined homes in Croatia and Kosovo, Juvenile Correctional Institution in Serbia, and Jewish settlements in Gaza Strip.

Travel journeys from: Belgrade, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Iceland, Denmark, Torshavn Faroe Islands, Dominican Republic, Kenya Mombasa, Israel Jerusalem, Gaza City Gaza Strip, USA (New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles), Paris France Normandy
All photos copyright © by Andrija Ilic

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